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Jun 20, 2022, News
We will co-sponsor the Keiji SDGs Project.

With the concept of “deepening knowledge and taking action from a global perspective that transcends national borders and a grassroots local perspective,” the Keiji SDGs Project aims to provide an opportunity for businesses, schools, and communities to join hands and lay the foundation for a sustainable world toward the 2030 international goals.

Four times a year, actions will be taken along two axes: “SDG Talk Sessions – plans to deepen knowledge of the SDGs” and “SDG Actions – plans to take action toward achieving the goals,” and implementation reports will be disseminated through media such as YouTube, a special website, and the Kyoto Shimbun.

We, as a sponsor, would like to participate in this project, think and act for the future through the SDGs, and communicate various messages.

For details, please visit the special website.