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We will be a pioneer of foam technology to the world.
Through our work, we will contribute
to the creation of a better society.

Management Philosophy

Integrating wisdom, ingenuity, and knowledge

To realize a technology-driven company, technological development and innovation are indispensable and lifeline. To this end, we believe it is important to evolve our foams through new technological innovations based on past technologies, with the key phrase "Era of Innovation" as our guiding principle.

Action guidelines

With "Sanwa Uniqueness" as our guiding principle, we will work to build trust and confidence through customer satisfaction, and to grow and develop together with our customers.
Sanwa's "Sanwa-ness" means that we will always be "proposal-oriented and fashionable" to meet the needs of our customers, "small lots, wide variety, small turnaround, and speed" to meet their requests, "kindness and politeness" to respond to their needs, and "symbiosis and co-development" to prosper together with them.

We strive to establish safety, security, and high quality, and pursur "Sanwa Uniqueness".

Business Continuity Policy

Sanwa Kako group business continuity policy

Under the following policy, we will establish, operate, and continue to improve our system for business continuity.
Pursuing the "Sanwa Uniqueness" of our management tone, we will ensure safety and fulfill our supply responsibilities in the event of an emergency as a company that manufactures materials indispensable to various industries.

Purpose of business continuity

  1. Protect the lives and livelihood of executives and employees, their families, and neighbors
  2. Minimize the impact on customers and society
  3. Contribute to society by providing materials for recovery and reconstruction
  4. Increase disaster resistance and ensure corporate permanence
  5. Capture new business opportunities by adding value to business continuity

BCP Measures

Sanwa Kako group business continuity plan

Since September 2018, we have been developing a business continuity plan (BCP) in partnership with an external consultant, Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co.
In 2020, we reviewed our BCP again in response to the impact of the new coronavirus. Our basic policy is to place the highest priority on securing the lives of our employees and preventing the impact on local communities, to prevent the spread of damage in the event of an emergency, and to fulfill our social supply responsibility by ensuring the continued supply of critical products and the early restoration of business operations.