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TOP MESSAGE Turning cells into shape, you can count on Sanwa Kakoh's foaming technology!

President Norio Yoshida

Founded on October 1, 1965, Sanwa Kako has spent over half a century developing modern and environmentally friendly foamed products that help to minimize resource consumption through efficient utilization of plastic and rubber materials. It is this foaming technology that is the company’s lasting legacy in this industry.

50 years ago, polyethylene foam and rubber foam were used to make household products and footwear as well as construction materials. The subsequent period of rapid industrialization in Japan and the advent of bullet trains, cars, air-conditioners, and computers brought about a sharp increase in the quality standards expected by clients. This was also the era of mass production and mass consumption, but our unique batch block foaming systems were not suited to the demands of mass production. Then, as information technology and the internet brought the tide of globalization ever closer; demand profiles began to shift away from mass production toward small-lot production. This aligned perfectly with the key tenets of the Sanwa Uniqueness : small-lot production with diversity, agility and fast turnaround, consideration and attention to detail, collaboration for mutual growth and prosperity, proposal, and trends.

As pioneers in foaming technology, we are dedicated to the ongoing development of new products, applications, and production systems irrespective of the peaks and valleys of the economic cycle. These three fields have been the driver behind sustained growth to this day.

Going forward, we remain committed to environmental management predicated on our unique resource-saving foaming systems. We will be leveraging our experience and expertise in countries other than Japan, supplying our KyoFoam®from the world-renowned city of Kyoto to suit a wide variety of applications and requirements.

An exciting future awaits Sanwa Kako as it continuously pursues innovation!