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SPMF Sanwa Press Mold Foam We can do it because we are the foam Manufacture for Heat moldi

Heating and molding foam,bringing our customer’s request into shape.

  • 3dimensional shape is our strong point.
  • We deal with small lots.
  • The wide range from small dimensions large dimensions can be molded.
  • We can mold complex materials such insert hardware and other materials as unit.
  • Various colors and surface conditions can be selected. Combinations also are possible.
  • It is durable despite of light weight. It is usable for a long time.
  • You can take advantage of SUNPELCA as thermal insulation, cushioning, weather resistance and buoyancy.
  • Application examples

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As for detail of each grade, pleas call or inquire here.
We have other grades except the following grades. Please consult about special colors.

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