2. Privacy policy

Privacy policy

SANWA KAKO CO.,LTD. (it carries out the following "our company") pays careful attention to protecting the personal information concerning a visitor's privacy, and tackles it. In our company, although there is a case where you offer peronal information by a visitor's own judgement, I make the information into necessary mimimu information, and it respects a visitor's judgement about offer of others.

1. About Collection and Use Purpose of Personal Information

In our company, when acquiring personal information including a client and a counselor, the use purpose is specified and a proper and fair means performs.
The [use purpose] I acquire personal information for the following performing a task and purposes.

  • For dispatch of information control and collection aiming at performing a task, a document, etc., and connection
  • For the reply about consultation and an inquiry

2. Safety Control and Storage of Personal Information

Our company does data processing of the offered personal information correctly, in order that it may secure the safety of the personal information which our company holds, implements suitable protection and safety measures, and strives for prevention of loss of personal information, destruction, an alteration, and disclosure.

3. Offer of Personal Information

personal information -- a visitor -- except for the following cases, I do not do in principle that our company provides for a third party, without obtaining the consent of the person himself/herself.

  • When based on a statute
  • When there is necessity for protection of people's life, the body, or property
  • When those who accepted the organization of a country, a municipal corporation, or its trust need to cooperate to carrying out office work provided by a statute
  • When execution of business is started and documents are submitted to government and municipal offices

4. About Indication / Use Stop and Elimination of Personal Information

When the person himself/herself who is an information subject of personal information has an indication, correction, a use stop, elimination, etc. required about self personal information, except for the case where refusing on a statute or business by a suitable method after passing through the check of being the person himself/herself is accepted, I correspond promptly.

5. Amendment of Privacy Policy

We may change a privacy policy without a prior preliminary announcement according to change of a social situation, progress of technology, change of environment, etc.

6, Copyright

Since the copyright about the contents (a text, a photograph, a picture, data, an image, graphics, etc.) of our company, these arrangement and edits, structure, etc. belongs to our company, Please withhold these unapproved use (the duplicate of all or a part of websites, transmission, broadcast, publication, distribution, a notice, transfer, loan, translation, an adaptation, licensing, reuse, etc. are included), reproduction, change, an alteration, and commercial use.

7. Force majeure

Although it has taken all possible measures against the information published in our company, no responsibility (consequential loss, special damage, consequential damage, and incidental damages) is taken to the damage which arose by using the information of our company according to a legal revision and other causes.