2. List of products


Light, strong,durable and colorful.
SANWA KAKO will meet requests by customers.

  • SUNPELCA Chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam(closed cell) Gentleness to ease impact
  • OPCELL, SUPER OPCELL Chemically crosslinked polyethylene foam(Open cell) Strong, durable, sturdy
  • NEWPELCA Chemically crosslinked conductive foam(closed cell, open cell) Advance to prevent ant-static
  • OPSEALER Synthetic rubber foam(semi-open cell) No slipping, fitting rough surface,.
  • RUBBAPELCA Synthetic rubber foam(closed cell) Water or air does not go through.
  • ECOPELCA Gentle to earth. Rcycle foam to foam.
  • SPMF Sanwa Press Mold Foam We can do it because we are the foam Manufacture for Heat molding of foam.

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