2. What is polyethylene foam ?

What is polyethylene foam ?

It is an expanded polyethylene (LDPE, EVA) which is chemically crosslinked.

It is manufactured into rectangular with a great thickness and then to skive, cut, adhersion, thermal fusion bonding, die-cutting, molding to be delivered. Polyethylene foam is classified into closed cell type in which water or air does not go through and open cell type in which water or air goes through.

closed cell foam


Fine cell, flexible, recovery, excellent cushioning, insulation, buoyancy, weather resistance, chemical resistance. High elasciticy, high girp, high impact, low impact, ultra impact, ultra flexible type.

Open cell Polyethylene Foam


Excellent sound absorption, easy to compress and usable as sealing material or packing material and dew condensation prevention material etc. Excellent water holding and chemical resistance. No deterioration such as PU foam due to hydrosis. SUPER OPCELL is a fire retardant foam in our range.

Conductive, unti-static polyethlene foam


It demonstrates more reliable conductivity than other company's imregnated type foams since the carbon black is kneaded into the raw materials to improve conductivity. The carbon black is not shed by the foam which avoids problems leading to product defects and dirty work environment.

Eclology Product


It is formed. reusing wastage of SUNPELCA or OPCELL. It obtained registratrion of Eco Mark.



Charging foams such as SUNPELCA into the designated mold, heating and compresiing, provide from complicated shape to simple shape even if small lot.

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