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Please expect our foaming technology shaping bubbles.

Our company inauguratred an enterprise as a specialized producer of expanded polyethylene in 1965.
It continued since then at five decades, what "a bubble is made into a form for" was made into the subject, and the company of an engineering development type in aimed at.

While market needs are diversified in recent years, the processing technology which utilizes broadly and gets foaming objects, such as adhesion processing and a cast of the three-dimensional foaming object by heat pressure molding techniwque, can also proposemanufacture of the foaming object of a synthetic rubber form the first.

I think that he would like to try hard to understand and get "SANWA-likness" of our company from what to a visitor from now on."smallness lot which is "SANWA-likeness"- - it is tackling so that I may be allowed to offer - various kind, a small turn, speed, kind, polite, symbiosis, as our original services at a visitor.

It entered in the 21st century, the market globalized, and it has also diversifed market needs. In such environment, our company thinks that he would like to apply a polish to a small lot, a various kind, a small turn, and speed, and to demonstrate the existence value as a comprehensive manufacturer of a foaming object at the same time it improves the old foaming method and challenges foaming of still broader raw materias.

Norio Yoshida