3. SPORT


It has the characteristic which exceeds a simple foaming object from durability, multiplicity, processability, etc. unrealizable in other plastic foamed products, and the further performance gain is possible at heat pressure molding technique.

In addition to the buffer nature by being a foaming object, processing by the color, the form, and the hardness of a wish is given, and the performance which was not able to be realized for an old material is offered.

Main application

  • Mat for Karate

    Although it has buffer nature, it is tough, and it is adopted as it as variegation and an official-recognition mat.

  • Kick board

    It is a time-tested product with durability and variegation, and a high-class feeling as well as lift nature.

  • The cushioning medium for fences of a baseball field

    Supporting safety strongly on violent play.

  • Boomerang for competition

    Strong and safe good recognized by association.

  • Core of soccer ball

    It is adopted for recognized ball with cushion and strength.

  • Core material of Jodo mat for competiton

    Protecting athlete with cushioning and strength.

  • Core of boxing globe

    Excitement of the game by cushioning properties and toughness protects a contestant's fist as it is.

  • The mat for golf practice

    Although there are cushioning properties, a ball is held by toughness and grip nature.

  • Crash protection material of the pole for a game network

    A contestant is protected from buffer nature, and form and variegation safely and beautifully.

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